Sizing and Fit


Each dress fits differently depending on your body type and size. Our size 0 will generally fit someone who is an extra small usually up to 5'2". Our size 1 will generally fit a person who normally wears a size small up to 5'4", etc. 

Sometimes a customer may have to size up just for the length and take in the dress to accommodate their height. 

Our maxi lengths are as follows:

size 0- 54"

size 1- 56"

size 2- 58"

size 3- 59.5"


What is the difference between the circle, swing, and tunic?

The circle dress is more of a square shape. It has extra long sleeves and the body is literally almost like a box. The knee length tunic is more aline and not as loose, as opposed to the circle dress which runs a bit bigger. The swing is an aline dress with 3/4 ruched sleeves.



Skirt lengths are as follows:

Size 0- 35.5"

Size 1- 37"

Size 2- 39"

Size 3-41"

Please note- The skirts are very form fitting so if you would like a looser silhouette, definitely size up.