On a quest to fill the void in our very own closets, we set out to design a few core pieces to simplify life and add fashion forward designs into our wardrobes. Creating a few prototype one size fits all pieces, we started wearing them ourselves. Friends and family loved them, so we decided to share the love and posted a few pictures on Instagram. The positive feedback was OVERWHELMING! Our inbox was flooded with requests for more dresses and more sizes and WUKOgals came to life!




We launched WUKOgals as a hobby, with just $300, and the all american dream. But one year later, it was apparent to us that this had turned into a full fledged online business. We were creating some of our favorite silhouettes in soft, stretchy, durable, and easily washable fabrics. And we couldn’t make them fast enough. When we started tripping over boxes in our garage, we realized that it was time to expand, and we moved into our Burbank location, that served as a design room, shipping center, storage area and showroom. WUKOgals now had headquarters.



As we continued to live and learn in this exciting ever changing industry, we became proficient with small things you never think about until you really need them. Like production, shipping and how to manage our inventory. With our first ever blowout sale, trying to make room for new arrivals, we ended up receiving almost 1000 orders in the span of just a few days. After realizing, we were literally and figuratively in over our heads, with no way to fulfill and ship all of the orders, we begged, bribed and cajoled our hubbies and children to roll up their sleeves and get to work to send out all the orders.



Our business continued to grow, thanks to our unbelievable customers. After a few bumps with fabric and manufacturing delays (who are we kidding, lots of bumps), we decided to take the plunge and totally break out of our comfort zone. We headed to INDIA to explore and look for inspiration. We were excited to bring new designs, new fabrics and beautiful versatile clothing. But it wasn’t easy breezy. Things took way longer than expected and it was hard communicating with factories in different time zones. We didn’t give up. Because in life, both in personal relationships and in business, we are always looking for ways to grow.


Joyce & Us


It was with humble hearts and butterflies in our stomach that we shared exciting news with our customers (aka our extended family). We literally wove our values into each piece, stopping at nothing to grow WUKOgals to the highest heights. Somewhere between cooking dinner for our 18 kids, being wives, teaching our future generations (yes, we are teachers too) we pushed our dreams into action. After just a couple good dates, the three of us said “I do” to a partnership that was as destined to be as the most precious things in our lives have been. Joyce Azria, long time fashion lady became “a sister.”

“Prayer has power. I always dreamt to take a step into modest clothing and find a company that shares in my ideas and with WUKOgals I found that and 3 more sisters.” - Joyce Azria