On a quest to fill the void in our very own closets, we set out to design a few core pieces to simplify life and add fashion forward designs into our wardrobes. Creating a few prototype one size fits all pieces, we started wearing them ourselves. Friends and family loved them, so we decided to share the love and posted a few pictures on Instagram. The positive feedback was OVERWHELMING! Our inbox was flooded with requests for more dresses and more sizes and WUKOgals came to life!



We launched WUKOgals as a hobby, with just $300, and the all american dream. But one year later, it was apparent to us that this had turned into a full fledged online business. We were creating some of our favorite silhouettes in soft, stretchy, durable, and easily washable fabrics. And we couldn’t make them fast enough. When we started tripping over boxes in our garage, we realized that it was time to expand, and we moved into our Burbank location, that served as a design room, shipping center, storage area and showroom. WUKOgals now had headquarters.



As we continued to live and learn in this exciting ever changing industry, we became proficient with small things you never think about until you really need them. Like production, shipping and how to manage our inventory. With our first ever blowout sale, trying to make room for new arrivals, we ended up receiving almost 1000 orders in the span of just a few days. After realizing, we were literally and figuratively in over our heads, with no way to fulfill and ship all of the orders, we begged, bribed and cajoled our hubbies and children to roll up their sleeves and get to work to send out all the orders.



Our business continued to grow, thanks to our unbelievable customers. After a few bumps with fabric and manufacturing delays (who are we kidding, lots of bumps), we decided to take the plunge and totally break out of our comfort zone. We headed to INDIA to explore and look for inspiration. We were excited to bring new designs, new fabrics and beautiful versatile clothing. But it wasn’t easy breezy. Things took way longer than expected and it was hard communicating with factories in different time zones. We didn’t give up. Because in life, both in personal relationships and in business, we are always looking for ways to grow.

Joyce & Us


It was with humble hearts and butterflies in our stomach that we shared exciting news with our customers (aka our extended family). We literally wove our values into each piece, stopping at nothing to grow WUKOgals to the highest heights. Somewhere between cooking dinner for our 18 kids, being wives, teaching our future generations (yes, we are teachers too) we pushed our dreams into action. After just a couple good dates, the three of us said “I do” to an exciting collaboration. Joyce Azria, long time fashion lady became “a sister”. 

Revisiting, Growth

and Moving Pieces

Managing without micromanaging is always a fine line. Our customers are always at the forefront of our business, and for this reason we took the plunge and made the leap of moving into our first ever WUKO owned Shipping Center.  We realized that we needed our hands touching every part of WUKOgals. Our business may still be young, but we are constantly growing and learning, strengthened by the feedback coming our way and constantly inspired by our #WUKOfamily. 

tranquility &

Abundance of gratitude

Covid 19 may have hit the world hard, but it made us realize the importance gratitude. For big and small. For a healthy body and healthy mind. For the love that surrounds us and that we can in turn give to others. For the kindness that has been sprinkled all around. We live in a productivity culture and as momtrepreneurs, our fast-paced life never stops. We are busy maintaining a constant work-life balance that it’s easy to forget to turn off the noise and enjoy the world around us.  The world paused and we were forced to take stock of what our constant drive forward is all about. As leaders and designers of our own futures, we know for sure that while we love what we do and feel so grateful to Gd for the abundance of blessings that have come our way, we have learned an important lesson this year. We have slowed down but have stayed more focused and opened ourselves to the beauty of tranquility and patience. We are optimistic there will be a cure soon and the calm & beauty will be here to stay. L'chaim!

a new lens

surrendering & refocusing

This past year has been a turbulent one, filled with twists and turns, ups and downs. The year began with a rocky start, with the reemergence of the pandemic, the reinstatement of the mask mandate, and shipments getting stuck in customs. However, as we began to feel overwhelmed, struggling to keep up with the ever changing situation, we realized it was time to refocus on our beginnings. We began this Los Angeles based family company to bring affordable, fashionable and modest clothes to all women. To that end, we have begun manufacturing locally again, expanded our team, and continue to design innovative pieces. The past year’s uncertainties have taught us that through relinquishing our need to feel in control, by having faith in G-d and belief that things always work out EXACTLY as they should. We’ve slowed our pace, reprioritized, and made
lemon meringue pie out of some pretty sour lemons. We married off a daughter/niece together and look forward to celebrating many more joyous occasions together. The world’s uncertainty has taught that we are not in control and FAITH, together with belief, are the calm within the storm. Through letting go, we’ve gained more control. It is still a work in progress, but we are learning to ride the wave and do our best to make ourselves vessels to receive Gds blessings. L'chaim!

fabric of our lives

New Shared Journeys

It was quite the year. We had wedding and births. Our children are growing fast and we choose how and when we will #WUKOwork. Some weeks are packed busy with fabrics, watches, samplings and prints. Others are a little slower moving, choosing to solely connect with each other. We try our best to do the same here with you, our #WUKOfamily. Our resolve this year was to continue to be present, to renew the balance of life and continuously try to be our best selves.


weaving threads of love

Family is the heartbeat of our existence. We celebrated 3 weddings in 4 months. Still on the happy high. Watching our children and parents beaming, with tired eyes and sore feet, but hearts welling with pride and joy for our new couples. Grateful for our community here and friends from all over, hoping to always celebrate happy occasions together.