Every time we check our order forms for the day, we are filled with shock and gratitude all over again. This all still feels like a dream! We hadn't intended on building a company-- the dream developed and flourished before our eyes. The seed of Wukogals was planted when two of us (Chani and Elana), made a couple of tunics and skirts for ourselves, just for fun. Friends saw what we made and asked if we would make some samples for them too. We had always loved design--in the past we had sold blankets, children's clothing and skirts-- so we thought it would be fun to sell a few different tunics and skirts. We chose about six fabrics and made 60 dresses and within TWO days of posting them on Instagram they were completely sold out! It was amazing!

The positive feedback was so fulfilling we knew we had to keep going. At that point, our sister Sara knew she had to join in. We were lucky to have her business knowledge and fashion sense added in the mix. 

What started as a couple of dresses has grown into a beautiful business before our eyes. As long as people are buying, we will keep creating! 

Wukogals has allowed us to pursue our passions and share our love for beautiful, comfortable, and modest dress. We are inspired by California's edgy fashion trends to create a line that is versatile, can be dressed up or down, and complements women of all sizes. ...AND, all our products are manufactured locally. 

Join our fashion family and see what all the hype's about.